Your mind, your rules

“Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it hope. Feed it truth. Feed it with love”. – Unknown


We all crave for power at some point in our lives to change or make things better. Little do we know that this power actually lies within us. Over the years, due to the repeated conditioning being passed on from generations, we are in a situation today where we feel helpless. We all have somewhere accepted the fact that our mind is the decision maker for us. When there are downs, we start doubting our stars, destiny or luck. If it is our life, our mind, and our body, then are we not responsible for running our own show?

The power of the mind is so strong and magical that it can just change the entire course of your life for the better, if used properly. As someone rightly said “With great power comes great responsibility”, the responsibility then lies with you to constantly feed it with good and positive thoughts. Studies have also found that a human mind generates between 35-48 thoughts per minute. Now, if most of these thoughts are self-criticising, hateful and unproductive, then it’s a sheer waste of the mind’s capability and energy.

All of this does not stop at just thoughts, as thoughts are responsible for everything that follows after. When we have thoughts, they are translated into feelings. These feelings then form our attitudes, which ultimately determine our actions. As quoted by one of the renowned life coaches, Mr. Robin Sharma, “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master”. That means if we let our subconscious mind to take charge of our feelings, the conscious mind will follow it blindly. So, in order to harness the true power of the mind, we need to gradually start watching the kind of thoughts that come and go. When we do this, we also realise that these thoughts don’t really define who we are. Our true self is far beyond that.

The autopilot mode is great for the pilots up in the sky, but when it comes to the mind, it will not do any good. As the subconscious mind works on its own, any message or command given to it will be accepted as the truth, and will be executed irrespective of it being a positive or a negative change. Hence, when you consciously feed it with thoughts of love, compassion, happiness and gratitude, the mind slowly starts to accept these, and etch them onto the subconscious. During the whole mind reprogramming exercise, negative thoughts will keep popping up, but that is when your consciousness will kick in and ignore these thoughts. There will come a stage when the mind will automatically start to view things from a different perspective. Self-confidence, self-love, contentment and compassion will all flow naturally. The mind will transform into a temple of good thoughts. The result of this would be an individual experiencing several Aha moments (moments of sudden insights/ideas that can change your life) as compared to a mind that will generate fewer Aha moments.

So, let us all begin the journey of mastering our mind, for it will repay by helping us achieve all that we desire and cherish.


Prathamesh Paingankar