Understanding Rebirthing Breathwork

The first and the last breath are the most important moments in a person’s life; it is this breath which invigorates us and brings in not only the oxygen, but also the ‘Pranic’ energy into us, which is important for all the daily functioning as well as healing of the body.

Hence, it is not surprising that there are so many breath related techniques for Healing and Meditation designed by the Masters. Rebirthing Breathwork is one such powerful tool which was introduced and given to the world by Leonard Orr with the blessings of Babaji.

In 1962, as Leonard Orr was taking a bath in the bath tub before going to work, he suddenly had a regression experience, which he realised later were prenatal and birth states of consciousness. In 1973, in a seminar on Spiritual Psychology in California, he talked about his birth memories and how his life had changed with the healing experiences he had in the bathtub. Later, several others got interested and had powerful experiences and releases using similar tools. They all expressed that they wished they had some support during the process. Over the next several years, Leonard worked with hundreds of people and the technique of Conscious Connected Breathing was perfected; he discovered that it was much easier to guide the breath and the attitude of the person outside the water, and nose rebirthing was more appropriate during the first 10 sessions. People would experience the breathing release in a more gentle way, overcome the drama faster
and learn to breathe more effectively.

Rebirthing Breathwork has tremendous therapeutic and healing benefits and is more than just a therapy since it includes a whole process to self-mastery. It is advised that one takes at least 10 sessions with a trained rebirther where one releases birth trauma and other limiting patterns or traumas which are encoded in our breath (our soul records our entire journey which is encoded in our breath). It is the human traumas that disconnect us from our natural divine nature.

I would like to share a case history of mine at this point – a 30-year old female coming to me had a pattern where she was having conflicts with people from whom she needed help, and yet it were these same people she was angry at because she felt that they were interfering. Using Breathwork, she connected to and released her birth memory where she was having a hard time coming out of the birth canal and the doctors and nurses outside were talking about performing a C-section as the mother was getting exhausted. Though she had a normal birth, it was this conflict which was encoded in her – “Feeling stuck, needing help, and yet angry because I want to do it myself”. After this session she never had this conflict again.

Our birth is the first stressful event in our life and also a time of transition – from a safe warm environment in the womb to the world outside, where you will need to suckle for the milk. Our birth patterns and traumas get triggered and replicated in stressful events of our lives and in times of transition – getting a new job, getting married etc. We can choose to not be a slave to these patterns, to release them, and live as the masters we are meant to be.