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Shreans Daga

MD, Betul Oil Ltd

Steering the diverse range of businesses that come together to make the synonym for strength that the Daga group embodies, from the helm for the past 20 years, Shreans’ occupation is that of a visionary. His penchant lies in strategic positioning, goal setting, financial planning, marketing strategy and PR and taking up every odd task required to orchestrate the group towards a state of debt-free business. Shreans has always found a sense of fulfilment from making an occupation out of shouldering the responsibility of a leader. In recent times, he has been channeling most of his energies in assisting the acquisition of one of the companies, (Sanovi Technologies by IBM), followed closely by driving the agro-commodities trading desk.

Shreans’ path down the spiritual lane began with a practice of meditation in 1997 and he hasn’t looked back ever since. He is the co-founder and vice chairman of Pyramid Valley International Bengaluru, Asia’s largest meditation pyramid spread over 55 acres.

The marriage of spirituality and science intrigues him to no end. With an extensive research on Quantum Energy Medicine, he eventually created a state of the art therapy centre in Bengaluru. His centre in Mumbai – “Awaken” has been operational since 2012. In the past decade, He has facilitated 9 Global Congresses of Spiritual Scientists, where leading global speakers have presented their work in varied fields of spirituality. ‘Thrive’ is his newest brainchild, a company, that he just launched with his wife. He aspires to watch it grow into a leading spiritual techno portal for wellness and alternative health.

Position: MD, Betul Oil Ltd