Stress Eating & Breathwork

It is a common scene to see an infant (baby less than a year) crying and the mother not understanding what to do. To stop the baby from crying, she tries to feed breast milk or puts a milk bottle in the mouth and fails to ascertain why the child is crying. Now, how different is that from adults taking something in their mouth to relieve themselves of stress? Of course now it is a cigarette or a sweet or anything else which is a ‘comfort food’. This subconscious programming happens at an age where there is no rational thinking. Psychologists recognise that our subconscious script is written before the age of 6 years.
I would like to share a case study here. A lady client of mine who is overweight and struggles with health issues because of her weight, connected to a memory as a 3-year old when she was taken to pierce her ears. The moment she howled in pain, her parents put a chocolate inside her mouth in an effort to calm and distract the child. She realised that even now, the moment she has stress, she reaches out for sweets, thereby sabotaging her efforts to lose weight.
We all value freedom but we are unware that none of us are living lives free from our conditioning. This is something that needs to be worked upon.
Rebirthing breathwork is a beautiful modality which helps to bring up & release energetic blocks that have happened in early parts of our lives & even our past lives. Awareness of this programming then helps us to let go of all that is no longer serving us.