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‘When one teaches, two learn.’ – Robert Heinlein


A teacher has a lifelong impact on a student. Studies show that a teacher can influence 3000 students in his lifetime. As children spend 7- 8 hours a day sitting in a classroom, it becomes important to have a compassionate and patient teacher or a counselor who can make a difference in the life of the child. Educating children should be a holistic process, not just a process of stuffing their head with information. If the teacher is encouraging, compassionate and non-judgmental, it is likely that the student will grow up to be a confident and radiant being.

For a teacher to become an awakened teacher, he or she has to embark on a journey of self-realisation. In this journey, the teacher needs to heal any personal problems so that only love, compassion and wisdom can be passed on to the children. Teachers are the caregivers and hence need to be wise and powerful while being at the forefront of the students.

This workshop will explore the essential needs of a child at different stages and provide solutions for teachers to fulfill these needs by working on their own self. As the teacher changes from within, the classroom becomes a living paradise.


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  • Institutional leaders
  • Teachers and Administrators


  • Learn to master yourself and become a channel for holistic education
  • Become an inspiration for students
  • Create a classroom environment which every student looks forward to
  • Become a conscious caregiver
  • Raise your abundance consciousness


Learning, practicing and evolving is an ongoing process. When you are a part of The Aha Movement, you are part of a community, a group which will be your perpetual guide. You have the opportunity to join SanghAHA, a virtual community that connects every month, to help you achieve your purpose and connect with your higher self through meditation practices.

Disclaimer: This workshop is about personal growth and taking self-responsibility. This is not a substitute for any medical diagnosis or treatment.