“If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design” – Sri Aurobindo


As human beings, we have both masculine and feminine principles or energy. In fact, the whole creation is the result of the concerted work of the masculine and feminine principles. The two principles must work in conjunction; alone, each one is barren. If we are rejecting / not embracing any one principle, we are restricting ourselves. The feminine channel of energy in human beings which is also known as the ‘Ida Nadi’ governs the left side of the body and the masculine channel known as the ‘Pingala Nadi’ governs the right side of the body. Logic, planning and structure fall under masculine energy. Intuition, receptivity, connection, nurturing and emotion fall under feminine energy. We need to balance both the energies and bridge the gap between the masculine and feminine and reach the ‘Sushumna Nadi’ that provides us a clear and joyful mind for self- realization. When these energies are balanced within us, we feel integrated and are able to manifest what we want in life fluidly and effortlessly.

A soul is neither male, nor female. Each of us may have had past lives – both as a man or a woman. Our patriarchy system has always perceived a man to be superior, stronger and more important than the woman. As women, we all have been dominated by men and have also dominated in other lives. This patriarchy has been internalized (it is in our unconscious mind)–. where we have always given more importance to the masculine principle than the feminine principle. The primary emphasis was also placed on power and conquest; love, nurturance, joy and intuition became secondary. DOING became more important than BEING (which is considered as the quality of the feminine principle), due to which, we have all become more of human ‘doings’ rather than human ‘beings’.

Sacred Feminine is a concept which recognizes that source is beyond duality, it is neither male nor female. However, the balance has tilted so severely towards one side in the last thousands of years with the prevalence of patriarchy, that there is an urgent need to balance it. We need to balance the masculine and feminine principles in our belief systems, religious doctrines, cultural ethos, and in ourselves. In order to bring it towards the middle, we need to consciously honor the feminine. Awareness of the Sacred Feminine will aid us to appreciate the feminine nature in women and men.

In this workshop, we will dive deeper within ourselves to connect with and embrace this divine feminine energy. All this will be done with the help of different processes, guided meditations and other fun activities.


2 days


  • Men and women over 18 years of age
  • Anyone who is seeking inner transformation and spiritual growth
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their Creativity
  • Women facing PCOS and PCOD hormonal issues
  • Women having problems in conceiving
  • Anyone who wants to heal their relationship with parents
  • Anyone facing marital issues or relationship issues
  • Healers
  • Psychologists


  • Feeling alive, vital and radiant in your body, heart and spirit
  • Unleashing the creative self by letting go of cellular memory, beliefs and fears blocking the divine sacred energy
  • Learning to use your feminine strengths to create results that you want in your life and relationships
  • Accepting and loving yourself
  • Realigning with unlimited love and compassion


Learning, practicing and evolving is an ongoing process. When you are a part of The Aha Movement, you are part of a community, a group which will be your perpetual guide. After the workshop, you have the opportunity to join Sangha, a weekly gathering hosted by us to practice meditation and engage in healthy discussions.

You also have the opportunity to join SanghAHA, a virtual community that connects every month, to help you achieve your purpose and connect with your higher self through meditation practices.

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is about personal growth and taking self-responsibility. This is not a substitute for any medical diagnosis or treatment.