Mouth & Foot Painting Artists get a taste of AHA

It is rightly said that meditation is the discovery of one’s true self. Our team flew down to Goa for a special invitation – the Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists’ Meet. It was not one of those regular workshops that we were used to facilitating. This was a special one where 15 artists from different cities of India had assembled for a retreat. These amazingly talented artists left us awestruck not only with the way they managed themselves but also with their zest for life.

Our co-founder, Dr. Preeti Kohli conducted a one-day workshop – ‘I AM WOW’ for all the artists. The workshop touched upon topics like changing bad thoughts into good, believing and loving oneself, limiting beliefs and fears, emotional and self-mastery. The session was a mix of theory along with fun activities and guided meditations. As most of the artists had never meditated before, each one had a beautiful experience to share. We mentioned that a painter’s work is a mindfulness activity in itself and how its imperative to live in the present moment always.

This workshop was conducted with an aim to enhance their artistry further and lead them to live a joyous and peaceful life. This workshop is one of the most special workshops for The Aha Movement for two reasons – firstly, we have never done something like this before and secondly, it has taught us innumerable values.