Body & mind | A session by The Aha Movement

What’s a lean body without a healthy mind? Experts extol the benefits of a positive state of mind which impacts the body. Transcendental meditation, white light meditation, and inner child sessions are popular ways to clear emotions like fear, stress, and sorrow. “The mind affects every single organ and part of the body so mental disturbances often translate into ailments,” says Dr. Preeti Kohli, 40, co-founder of the Aha Movement that works with corporates and schools to help people live with mindfulness.

Long-term Gains: “If you focus on the feelings and sensations associated with every activity, even if it is about eating chocolate with more mindfulness, you enjoy every moment. This in the long term, keeps you away from physical ailments because the mind is closely connected to the body,” she says. Kohli, a homeopathy practitioner, conducts weekly meditation sessions and workshops for children and adults on inner child healing, rebirthing, family constellations, and new moon meditations.


Aditi Pai
(January 25, 2018)


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