“Don’t worry about being successful. Work toward being significant and success will naturally follow.” – Oprah Winfrey

Entrepreneurs are a vital ingredient for a flourishing society. They infuse the economy with excitement and enthusiasm by pushing beyond the limits and creating something new. Traditional businesses have brought us to a point where we are often consumed by unhealthy competition amounting to envy, anger and stress, leading to an aggressive, corrupt and unequal society. Sustainable business with happy stakeholders, employees, and customers is the need of the hour. We need to realise that as entrepreneurs, our journey is not just limited to profit maximisation, but also on being significant and holistic that includes giving back to society.

Awakened Entrepreneurs tread a non-traditional path, driven by a goal that is beyond personal wealth creation. At The Aha Movement, our goal is to nurture and create entrepreneurs who engage in mindful leadership, thus leading their businesses with a fine balance of conventional business norms and spiritual principles. When these principles are applied in alignment with each other, peace, happiness and abundance start to show up in life. According to the Harvard Business Review, mindfulness is not a luxury for business leaders, but a must have.

The journey, however, requires significant unlearning of traditional beliefs and ideas. The Aha Movement facilitates this journey by bringing about a seamless synthesis of the entrepreneur’s “mind” and “heart”.

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Coaching and workshops for entrepreneurs and professionals who seek peace and joy in their work life.


Entrepreneurs and working professionals


  • Move from competition to competence
  • Improve your mental well-being, productivity and focus
  • Ability to recognize and evaluate an opportunity better
  • Overcome challenges and crisis
  • Learning to channel your emotions and responses